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Our First Photoshoot for 2021

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

2020 was well a low key affair with the pandemic and restrictions for our safety. Our time was dedicated towards how to better our online presence and keep connected with our customers. We partnered with a couple of leading online marketplaces for retailing our collections nationally and internationally. We are overwhelmed with the kind of response we got from overseas customers as well. More on that in another post.

We were not able to put together a photoshoot for new collections in 2020 and the wait continued...

2021 a fresh new year! a new year as always brought in much to cheer and look forward to. Due to ease in restrictions around pandemic we set out for our first photoshoot for the year. We wanted the theme to be that of a 'fun outdoor party' for the kids as many were meeting and in fact stepping out as well after a long time.

We stepped out into the open with lots of energy, excitement and off course CLOTHES! The planning had begun months earlier starting with connecting with parents, sharing ideas and thoughts, Getting kids measurements in place, deciding on who is wearing what, the location, who is going to be behind the camera...the list goes on

We decided to go with our good friend Rajiv who is into fashion photography and has done some amazing work behind the camera. What we like the most about the way he shoots is he is just to basics, keeping it simple and most importantly being in sync with nature which is what Rishyana stands for. A perfect fit!

The day started early with kids dropping in with their bag full of energy and excitement, which is what keeps us going at Rishyana. We had our beloved pet 'Honeyball' joining us to spread happiness and joy unlimited. The kids quickly changed over and Rajiv was already on the job catching those candid moments! Snacks was on the table for whoever wanted and we took a break for a wholesome lunch and followed it up with some lazy time for stories and lockdown jokes.

It happened to be our cofounder Manoj's birthday as well, so we had cake cutting and delicious round of deserts to finish the afternoon siesta.

The shoot resumed, surprisingly with the same amount of energy and in no time we were all wrapped up. The kids continued to have fun paying no heed to repeated calls from their parents to get going for a long drive back home.

What a day, we will cherish it forever. A big thank you to all our Rishyana Kids, their parents, Rajiv & team and our team which is always standing by with a special mention to our sampling and production team.


Mrinalini & Manoj

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