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About Us

Taking a Leap...our story!

Decades in the apparel industry brought us to the launch of “RISHYANA” and we love to call it a twenty year old new born. “RISHYANA” is in the art of making exquisite dresses for children – who deserve and enjoy style, comfort, and quality. We are a “Slow Fashion Design House” and differentiate ourselves by bringing designer style and quality to kids wear, uniquely integrating elegance and simplicity for absolute comfort. All collections are individually designed and made in-house to perfection by craftsmen (and women!) and not mass produced in sweat factories. We love to call them “Pickety Pockety Dresses”.

Mrinalini Princeton is the founder and head of design at RISHYANA. A passionate designer & singer by heart best describes her. Manoj is the co-founder and head of operations. An absolute animal lover and with a penchant for problem solving is the best way to introduce him. 

What differentiates us…

Being a Slow Fashion Design House, all our clothes are designed and individually made in-house by craftsmen thereby promoting originality and differentiation. We are against mass import or manufacture of readymade frocks and dresses that mimic fast food!! which unfortunately seems to be the order of the day followed by most big brands and retailers. This kills originality, creativity, local employment, skill sets passed on and held by generations which is otherwise abundantly available in our own country.

Emphasis is on using hand works like hand embroidery instead of prints and machine embroidery. All embellishments are hand made including flower attachments.

Our preference is for using locally available, sustainable and natural fabrics like Cotton, Khadi, Linen, Viscose, Silk. Alternate fabrics are only used wherein a particular style is not feasible using natural fabrics.

All our creations are designed keeping our end customer in mind – little children. They need clothes that not only look great but feel great as well. All our clothes come with 100% pure cotton lining on the inside.

Our collections…

All our collections are designed for all day comfort wear and for special occasion wear – Birthdays, Family Weddings, Party Wear, Festive gatherings and Gifting.

Our Collections are sold under LUXE, CHIC and ETHNIC categories.

Our endeavor is to make every dress as special as the little Angel who wears it!

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